Tiny Home Construction

Just as the bee's remind us - sometimes the smallest things have the biggest impact.

Humble Bee Builds is a tiny home construction company based in Cranbrook, BC.
What is

Humble Bee Builds

Humble Bee Builds is a Tiny Home Construction company based in the East Kootenays. Our homes represent a balance between on & off grid living while offering mobility & simpler living without sacrificing much of what a regular home has to offer.


Humble Bee Tiny Homes


Each Humble Bee Built Tiny Home is built with an easily accessible compartment at the front of the home containing your water tanks, plumbing manifold, solar system setup and batteries if you have them.

Double Protection

Our Tiny Homes are built with multiple layers of protection providing a better insulated home with enhanced protection against water leaks reducing issues and increasing comfort!

Passion Led

 Humble Bee Builds is in business to provide well-built sustainable living options and to create a passionate work environment where people get to come do what they love each and every day.

“I think a great place for them is in somewhere like Yuma, Arizona - where all the snowbirds live. There's no reason they couldn't have something that's a little more elevated than an RV.”
Dennis Scott
Owner / Builder

What are you thinking?


Maybe you are unfamiliar with the idea of a Tiny Homes. Perhaps you're shopping around for a Tiny Home Construction company you can trust and you'd like to see more information about the specifics related to Humble Bee's work/mission/quality commitment? Could be that you are just down a rabbit hole. In any case, see if some of these can answer your questions!

A dwelling that is under 1000 sqft, usually built to be portable, on a trailer foundation.

Anywhere! Check local bylaws for restrictions.

We offer a range of homes from a simple yard office to a fully off the grid system.

Our homes are built with detail and meticulousness so it can take a little bit to accomplish what we set out to do in our designs. Our homes can take up to 16 weeks to finish.

Certified Builder

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Bee humble & thrive

Join our mission to reduce personal impact, raise awareness, and provide education in areas we believe the bee’s would be happy if we addressed; re-connection with nature, sustainable living with a deeper impact/contribution to the whole, beautiful architecture with much less footprint & far more integrated communities, to name a few. Not to mention the exquisite art they craft and all their time spent with the flowers. The Bee’s have our back & remind us of what’s important, it’s time to return the favor. A portion of  HBB’s revenue will go towards maintaining and enhancing bee health as well as providing education and sustainability resources to all.