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Humble Bee Builds

Humble Bee Builds is a Tiny Home Construction company based in the East Kootenays. Our homes represent a balance between on & off grid living while offering mobility & simpler living without sacrificing much of what a regular home has to offer.

We are the result of 20 years in home construction meeting a passion for Tiny Living. We aim to offer much more affordable homes to people while maintaining our values and creating a passionate & fun work culture.

We believe the bee is an excellent representation of the Tiny Home movement. Diminutive size, love for architecture and design, and dedication to this planet’s sustainability and continued health are, in our humble opinion, things bees and tiny homes share.

Why ‘Humble’ Bee?

Definition of humility: freedom from pride or arrogance.

Tiny Living is about the acknowledgement of our collective mis-steps with compassion instead of blame knowing that we are the solution and the future success of this planet though our choices, lifestyle, and individual impact.

It’s freeing ourselves from the trap of needing the biggest, best and flashiest __________ to be content/happy/fullfilled.

Accepting the fact that our arrogance/ignorance about societal structures that no longer serve us can be let go of.

It’s having the humility to admit to ourselves where in our lives have we had the wool pulled over our eyes and then taking real steps to improve our individual impact on this magnificent planet we call Earth.

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