What do bees and tiny homes have in common?

What do bees and tiny homes have in common?

A few things come to mind. 

Diminutive size, love for architecture and design, and dedication to this planet’s sustainability and continued health are, in our humble opinion, things bees and tiny homes share.

Our world wouldn’t be what it is without the bees. It might be a lofty statement, but we believe that our future will also rely on micro living and the tiny home to help shape and sustain our environment. We are here to support the move toward living more sustainably and being more aware of the ways we can contribute to the health of our world. If you’ve read our other blog “Are All Tiny Homes Created Equal” you know our stance on these principles. Not all builders in this industry have the same commitment to detail, intention, and the sustainable practices and materials used in all Humble Bee Builds. 

We are a brand new company with nothing short of massive goals and that includes giving back to the bees.

Throughout construction of the first ever Humble Bee tiny home (which is nearing completion!), we have been considering how to contribute to our biggest little inspirations. With your help, we intend to seek out opportunities where our time, efforts and resources will be of the most value. Whether that is an organization dedicated to increasing healthy bee populations, flowers, regenerative farmers, or education initiatives to increase awareness and guide people in thinking more about their own contributions. 

Our initial campaign and first allocation of funds will come from our first merchandise release where 100% of the proceeds will go to the bee resources of our choice. BEE HUMBLE AND THRIVE is just the beginning. 

It is a community/small business collaboration effort and an exciting first step. 

And in the meantime we are on the hunt, the HUMBLE BEE hunt. And we want to hear from you! Who do we need to know about? Who are the movers and shakers in the fight for the bees? We want to know them!

We intend to show the world just how much Bees and Tiny Homes really have in common.

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